by Curbside Jones

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JALENKWRIGHT Curbside Jones is sticking to his roots with this fourth-quarter release. "SHEEP SZN" is an exhibition of Curbside Jones' plight to speak up for his people: those who have been dismissed, dissed, and disenfranchised by the wolves of the world. The closing verse is an interpolation of the one he recited on his Spotify-exclusive "Velvet Room" yet he doesn't try to pull the wool over our eyes: the track opens and closes with Curbside Jones utilizing a Gil Scott-Heron sample to hint at a "sequel"...


SHEEP SZN is the begining of the revolution for the sheep, the ones society write off as weak, docile, and easily influenced. Curbside Jones explores the idea of what it would be like if the sheep didn't want to accept those roles and rebel against the systems in place.
"The revolutions not makeshift, we taking back the slave-ship/Parallel park that bitch on the white house lawn"

Curbside Jones weaves in and out of the soulful beat to bring listeners his experiences and insight on the world around him


released November 30, 2016
Produced by Curbside Jones
Written/Performed By Curbside Jones
Engineered by Curbside Jones
Artwork by Levy



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